11+ Handpicked WordPress Themes for Tech and Gadgets Blog

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Some of the best handpicked WordPress themes which can convert a normal WordPress website to a highly professional Tech and Gadgets Portal.

In this special edition of Top WordPress themes, I’ve decided to put some of the best ‘Handpicked’ WordPress themes which you can use for your Technology or Gadgets related WordPress blog. Some of them can be used for all kinds of WordPress websites but most of them are specially designed for Tech and Gadget niche websites.

Gadget Blog

Gadget Blogging Theme

Gadget Blog is a simple responsive WordPress theme from Magazine3 which is suitable for tech blogs with limited content such as How-Tos, Tutorials etc. This theme also features a customized theme panel in the dashboard and supports 2 columns and different color schemes.



TechSavvy - Tech Blogging WordPress Theme

TechSavvy is designed by Magazine3 and is suitable for wordpress sites covering Tech News. TechSavvy is a light-weight  responsive wordpress theme which supports Google Authorship and customized color schemes.



top gadget wordpress theme

TopGadget wordpress theme by Magazine3 is a highly professional wordpress theme which can transform your blog to a professional Tech/Gadgets portal. TopGadget supports multicolumn with different sets of modules and highly optimized for SEO.



interactive wordpress theme

I personally like Interactive WordPress theme because of those customized menu icons. This is a lightweight WordPress theme with multi-column support. You can use those icons in the top and bottom menus too which will make your WordPress blog a complete professional Gadget Portal.


The Reader

the reader wordpress theme

If you’ve got a Tech How-to Blog or a Tips-N-Tricks blog then Reader WordPress theme can be a good choice. Reader is a responsive theme and supports dark and light color schemes for both header and footer.



newspaper wordpress theme

The Newspaper theme from TagDiv doesn’t need any Introduction. Newspaper is one of the most popular multi-purpose Magazine WordPress theme which can transform your WordPress site to a professional Tech, Sports, Fashion, Gaming and Entertainment portal. Newspaper is one of the most highly advanced WordPress theme available in the market. You can create your own customized WordPress layout with the set of modules in minutes.



compass wordpress theme

Compass is a responsive Magazine WordPress theme which is suitable for Tech and Entertainment related WordPress sites. You can customize the header or select different color schemes. Compass also supports multi columns for the Index page.



voice wordpress theme

Voice is a really beautiful yet professional responsive WordPress theme which can be a perfect choice for a Gadget or Entertainment Blog. The header and the color schemes can be customized. Voice also features different homepage layouts and is highly optimized for Search Engines.



backstreet wordpress theme

The monochromatic design of Backstreet WordPress theme makes it a really cool option for Gadget related blogs. Although it’s an old wordpress theme but the author still manages to update the theme occassionaly.



gonzo wordpress theme

If you’ve got a Gadget Review Blog, Tech News Portal or even a Gaming News Portal, Gonzo can be a great choice. The theme features customized layout options along with different color schemes. Gonzo is an old WordPress theme but the Author still provides bug updates and technical support.



engine wordpress theme

Engine is a WordPress theme which is specially designed for Tech and Gadget portals. Engine has got everything that you would like to have in your own Gadget Portal. It’s a highly advanced WordPress theme which provides you lot of customizations according to your needs.

All the themes above are handpicked by me and the list will be updated regularly. If you’ve got suggestions for more WordPress themes like these then kindly mention in the comments section below. If you’ve liked this list then kindly share it with your friends.



Some of the best handpicked WordPress themes which can convert a normal WordPress website to a highly professional Tech and Gadgets Portal.

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