Why Bloggers should use VPN Routers instead of Normal Routers

While Router is a common term, it might be possible that you’re hearing the name ‘VPN Router’ for the first time. However, if you ended up here, you might be having an idea and you’re just trying to find more information.

In this article, we’ll cover all the basics including the benefits of a VPN Router over the Normal Router.

What is a VPN Router?

We’ll put it in simple words, VPN Router is a device which is exactly like a Normal Router but comes with an inbuilt preinstalled VPN Client. Yes, from VPN, we actually meant Virtual Private Network based Router.

What are the Benefits of VPN Router over a Normal Router?

In this article, we’ve decided to list few benefits of VPN Router over a Normal Router

vpn network illustration
  • In VPN Router, the VPN Client is installed in the firmware and not on your computer. Hence, you need not have to worry about the compatibility of the VPN Client which is actually the case with normal VPN Applications.
  • These VPN Routers allows you to protect your whole Internet Network without any disruption. That is, even your Wi-Fi or Ethernet network is protected with VPN.
  • When it comes to regular updates, you don’t need to update the VPN Router regularly. They usually come with a stable firmware and require updates very less often as compared to the VPN Applications.
  • While some VPN Applications can fail during launch or may have a loophole resulting in a breach of your privacy, VPN Routers are safer and has very fewer chances of failure.
  • As you know that VPN Applications on a Normal Router requires these apps to be continuously on in the background, with VPN Routers, you can save your computer’s memory resources resulting in better system performance.

Why Bloggers should go with VPN Routers?

Being a blogger, we’re really concerned about things such as leaving footprints while making backlinks or creating our PBN. If you’re tired of paying for a VPN Application subscription every time then this can be a great replacement for your office.

  • This will help you to stay anonymous.
  • You don’t have to worry about leaving footprints.
  • If you’re using any SEO Tools or Tracking Tools, you can use it without any concern for privacy.
  • You can bypass few SEO Tools and Services which have limitations and restrictions based on IP Addresses.


Where to Buy VPN Routers?

There are many VPN providing companies which are also offering these devices.

  • TP-Link (TL-ER604W VPN Router)
  • Linksys  (LRT214 Gigabit VPN Router)
  • NETGEAR (Nighthawk R7000 with Sabai)
  • Asus (RT-AC56U DD-WRT)

You can also try these flash routers from NordVPN who are one of the most popular VPN Service providers. Other VPN Providers such as ExpressVPN and TorGuard also provides their own VPN Routers.

Should I Buy a VPN Router?

It all depends on your requirement. If you’re really concerned about your privacy or you’re working in an unsafe networking environment then it is highly recommended to go with one of these.

If you need any further assistance then kindly post in the comments section below.



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