Top 10 Apps That Make our Life Easier

Modern world moves almost with a speed of sound. We do everything extremely fast, and the demand for both speed and productivity only flourishes. If we are always on the go, what is the one thing that can provide almost any kind of help and assistance? You have guessed it right – smartphone! Those times when our phones were used only in order to call someone are gone, and now we live in the age of smart devices that can provide its users with any kind of solution.

Whether we are talking about entertainment, terrain orientation, recent events, planning, or your health choices – all of these things and more are included in the tiny pieces of plastic and glass that we call phones.

So in this article, we are going to get acquainted with 10 useful apps that are going to improve your everyday routine and help you to save time, money and a lot of nerves.

Google Translate

Opens up the list of our must-have apps is very common and simple one – Google Translator. You might have been travelling to exotic countries, navigating some foreign shopping site, or simply learning a new language – this is one of the very useful apps that will certainly make your experience much easier. It features on the go translation when you can just point at the text, and it will translate it on the spot. You can also listen to the pronunciation, which can improve your language skills greatly.

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Daily Planner

While multitasking, it is very easy to get lost. Planners have become an essential to many people, especially those with unusual schedules, freelances, for instance. Managing your day between work, home, friends, social events, and sports will be smooth and painless with such apps as Google Calendar, 24Me or Week Table. These ones are among the best organization apps, which can relieve the stress caused by constantly trying to keep in mind all of the meetings, greetings and birthdays. The story goes that once people embed this type of daily planner app in their lives, they become hooked up instantly!

Passwords storing

It is no secret that nowadays each of us has multiple accounts on websites and social media that are accessible through login and password. It would be so easy just to create one password and use it everywhere, right? Easy, but not safe. So instead of going for the single password, try LastPass app, which can store all your security info and usernames. You can create one general password to access this app, but the need to memorize details of each and every one of your accounts is not vital anymore. This is a strong position among the apps that make your life easier.


Everyone knows that brainstorming is a unique technique that can help you with small, as well as big decisions in your life. Write all pros and cons, discuss with friends or colleagues and create your own brainstorming chart. It is just as easy as receiving well-done  australian assignment help! You can do it with such helpful apps as SimpleMind and Bubbl.Us.



If you are travelling to the distant locations or just visiting a nearby town, it is always good to know the nice places. Tripadvisor is among those useful mobile apps that will tell you the best-rated cafes, hotels, and sightseeing sites. It is always lovely to know people’s reviews and base your route on them.



Some of the things that make life easier are a spell and grammar checker, so you don’t have to spend time and efforts on constantly checking your mail, messages, etc. It is very fast and convenient tool to do just that and fairly included the top useful apps for improving your skills.


Adobe Apps

Adobe products certainly stand out among the best useful apps for Android. They provide a wide range of services from the image and video editing to drawing and pdf files reading. If you are looking for the most useful Android apps in daily life, check these ones! High capability and easy access are guaranteed.


To do list

What will be the most popular apps daily used? Probably the ones that tell you what to do today. With such most useful apps as Wonderlist and Google Keep you will be able to organize your daily tasks with no difficulties, adding some more on the go. It is a very good productivity tool, as you can clearly see your goals for each day.


My Fitness Pal

This product definitely makes the list of the best useful apps. Basically, it is your personal fitness coach in a smartphone. It can provide a healthy meal plan for you, give exercise advice and has a wide range of recipes. You can also develop your personal sports program and dishes.


Dark Sky

What are the most useful Android apps in daily life? Well, weather, probably. Especially if you live in the place with the highly unstable weather, it is very beneficial to know when to take an umbrella, and when you have to switch to a warmer coat. This particular app works with local forecast and predicts precipitation with high precision.

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About the author

Bryan Davis

Bryan Davis is a freelance writer with vast experience and extensive background. He is very keen on exploring new technologies that can help you in your work and daily life. Working with the variety of tasks, including composing texts and reviewing different apps, he has created this top 10 useful apps list in order to provide support for fellow convenient technologies seekers. In Bryan’s opinion technologies can distract you from the important tasks, but when used wisely, they can actually improve your everyday work routine tremendously.

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