How to Steal Your Competitor’s Backlinks and Dominate Rankings

Once your website is ready, what’s next you focus is building backlinks for your site. It is important to take special care while building backlinks for your site because a spam backlink or an infected backlink can get your site penalized in Google or other search engines. There are many sites such as Fiverr  where people are offering services to buy quality backlinks for your site. First of all, I would never recommend anyone to use Fiverr for SEO or for building links. The reasons are

  • They use automated services to create Backlinks.
  • Most of them are already spammed with lots of other backlinks.
  • Google is Smarter than those Fiverr SEO guys.

Although you can use Fiverr for services such as Social Bookmarking or Article Submission but even these things should also be done with a proper strategy.

Although there are many SEO Tools for checking website backlinks but I’ve been using an SEO tool named SEO Profiler since last year. They have another public backlink analysis tool which is called OpenSiteProfiler. While SEO Profiler is a paid tool but their backlink analysis tool is  free for an analysis of one website per day and it’s pretty effective in stealing your competitors backlinks.

In this guide, I will explain you not only how to steal your competitor’s website backlinks but how to steal the only high-quality backlinks which actually matter.

Steal Your Competitors Backlinks

  • Go to OpenSiteProfiler website.
  • In the text box, enter your competitor’s website and click on “Analyze” button.

    steal competitor backlinks


  • Now, a complete backlink analysis of your competitor’s website will be displayed in detail.

    steal backlink analysis


  • There will be lots of backlinks displayed in the result but we only need high-quality backlinks and hence, we will use the filters to display backlinks which are worth stealing.
  • In the filter box titled “Choose the backlinks that you want to view”, select the following values:
    – LIS (Link Influence Score):  at least 30%
    – Follow: Only dofollow
    – Only unique Domains: Select

    steal backlinks filters


  • LIS or Link Influence Score is the link quality score assigned by OpenSiteProfiler (SEOProfiler) which shows how valuable the link is according to google search engine. That means if you are getting a backlink from a site which has a LIS of 90% then it will be highly valuable for your website. You can go with all the websites with a LIS above 30% since they all will possess good  value.
  • Click on “Filter Backlinks”. The backlink analysis results will be updated and will display you the filtered results.
  • Now, you can either note down all the links in a notepad. Else, you can create an account on OpenSiteProfiler/SEO Profiler and upgrade to the paid subscription only for $1. Even if you don’t upgrade and use the free account, it will then  let you save your backlinks and then export it to a text file or CSV but you won’t be able to use the filters and you will need to export all the backlinks (even the spammy ones).  However, I would suggest spending some time and note down the useful backlinks separately in a notepad. This can be a hectic task but will definitely be helpful.

Web sites with LIS score less than 30% doesn’t mean that the website is harmful. It just means that the website may not add much value to the Google Search Engine.

SEO Profiler is cheap and definitely a useful tool so if you can spend some money then you can consider it buying for you basic keyword research or SEO analysis.

If you need further help with this tool then you can post in the comments below. If you find this article useful then consider it sharing with your friends and fellow bloggers.


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