Should You Be Hiring New Employees For Your Startup Like This?

Hiring new employees can create such a panic for a business, especially a small business that doesn’t have the means nor the funds to hire someone to hire people for them. Because that’s what big businesses do. They have managers working for them that handle the hiring process because they know who they’re going to want on their team. So if you’re a small business and missing out on this luxury, you need to think about which employees you should be hiring, and how you should be hiring them. Every business has its own way of doing it, and it’s tailored towards the type of business that you want to run. If you know you want a young workforce, you’re not going to spend your time interviewing anyone who doesn’t fit into that. It’s not discrimination, it’s the needs of your business that you’re putting first. However, we know that there are some questions being raised about how the hiring process should take place, and we’re going to talk you through a few of them. Keep on reading to find out more.


Background Checks & Drug Tests

Not everyone is going to do this, but we know that some companies state that if they’re to hire someone they will be doing background checks and drug tests. Background checks we think are a must. You need to know who you’re bringing into your company and you need to know that they’re going to be safe working in an office environment. You can find out more as to how to carry out a background check by following that link. Drug tests are a different ballgame. Unless you’re hiring for a role that’s operating heavy machinery, or one where lives might be at stake, we don’t think you should be carrying out such tests. They’re intimidating, and as long as your employees are working to a high standard, what they do in their own time shouldn’t influence your decision.


Qualifications & Experience

This is another tricky one, and we largely think it depends on the role that you’re hiring for. If you’re hiring for a really specialist role, such as a web developer, you’re going to need them to have some form of qualification and experience, because you don’t have the skills yourself to train them. But if you’re hiring for a desk job doing admin, we think there should be more leniency with who you hire. You could hire the most perfect person, but they may never have done an admin job in their life. All it takes is a few weeks of training and ongoing support and they’ll be right for the role.


Poor Interview Techniques


Finally, there are some really poor interview techniques that we think you need to stay away from, and one of them is a group interview. They put people under so much pressure to force themselves into a group situation. One on one interviews are so much more effective because the candidate can relax quicker, and it gives you the chance to get to know them on a more personal level.

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