How I Removed Bad Backlinks & Improved Rankings using SEOProfiler

Few years back, I didn’t care too much regarding the backlinks. I believed that either backlinks to my website would add some juice or it won’t at all. However,  after doing a lot of research on backlinks by reading resources available online, I realized that backlinks may not only help your website but they can also cause issues for your SEO rankings. Wait! That doesn’t mean that any backlink can be dangerous.

If your website has an external backlink from a website which appears suspicious to Google Search engine, then it may not only lower down your Search engine rankings but may also get your website penalized by Google. 

Once your site is penalized by Google then it becomes very hard to get back the same authority. It’s not impossible to recover from a Google ban but it is definitely hard.

After reading many resources online, I decided to check all my websites for harmful backlinks to avoid any penalization from google. Although there are various SEO analysis tools available online but I decided to go with an online SEO tool named SEOProfiler. Although I went with the premium version, you can also get a Free Account which is sufficient for this article.

Though I’ve been using SEOProfiler since January 2015 but I never explored all the tools available in it.  My website had a lot of backlinks so it was a little bit difficult to find out which backlinks were harmful and which weren’t since Google Webmaster Tools indexes almost every backlink to the list.

This was a big task because I don’t accidently wanted to remove good backlinks which were helping me to get a good amount of organic traffic from Google.

Harmful Backlinks are those backlinks which are generated from a website spammed by bots, spammed with useless content, built using blackhat SEO or websites affected with malware. Hence, if your website’s link is present in those sites (especially with a dofollow tag) then it may create problems for you.

Finally, I came across a tool in my SEOProfiler panel named “Link Disinfection” which I always neglected. (Yes, I regret). This tool helped me to find all the suspicious and harmful backlinks in a second. I’m providing the steps below which I performed in this whole process:

How to Find Harmful Backlinks using SEOProfiler

  • Create an Account on SEOProfiler. It’s FREE!
  • Once your account registration is completed, login to your account and then navigate to “Link Profiler” which is present in left navigation menu.

SEO profiler link analysis

  • Now, click it to expand the menu further. Click on “Link Disinfection”.

link disinfection

  • Enter your Website’s address/domain name in the box and click on “Get backlink data”

get backlinks

  • You’ll see the list of all the suspicious backlinks to your website. Please note that, although SEOProfiler is classifying it as suspicious that doesn’t mean all those links are harmful. If you’re confident enough that the backlinks present in the list of ‘suspicious links’ aren’t harmful, then you can ignore it. However, in my case, I decided to clean all the links which I found in the results.

harmful backlinks seo profiler

  • In my case, I got only 8 harmful backlinks for one website and 35 harmful backlinks for another one. If you get a huge list of harmful backlinks then you can use the export tool.

How to Remove Bad Backlinks

  • SEOProfiler provides an option to generate a Google “disavow links file’ automatically.


Google Disavow Links File is a text file which consist a list of low quality backlinks which on uploading to Google Webmasters would inform Google Search Engine not to consider the links while assessing your website.

  • Although it would be better if you can personally go to all those websites where your website’s link is present and ask the owner to remove it. In case they don’t remove your website’s link then you can go forward with the disavow method. Click on “Create disavow links file” present at the bottom of your Link Disinfection table.

google disvow file

  • A text file will be downloaded to your computer.

How to Disavow Links in Google Webmaster Tools

  • Once you’ve got your Disavow Text file (the one generated by SEOProfiler), all we need to do is go to Google Webmasters Tool.
  • Select your Desired website from the drop-down menu of the Search console Disavow Links panel.

google webmasters disavow

  • After selecting your website, click on “Disavow Links” button. It’ll take you to another page. Click on the “Disavow Links” button again. It will open a File Upload box.

disavow file upload

  • Click on “Choose File” and upload the .txt (text) file which was generated by SEOProfiler. Once uploaded, click on “Submit“.

By this way, you’ve successfully requested Google not to consider those backlinks while assessing your website for their search engine rankings.

I did this for 3 of my websites including one which has almost 35 harmful backlinks. It was a huge risk because you are simply playing with the rankings and off page SEO of your website. However, finally after 30-45 days, I observed a change and it was really positive. My organic traffic improved was definitely improved by almost 50%.

google analytics organic search

It was a big risk but it proved to be successful. I am not saying that you should do this with all your websites but if your site is facing organic traffic problems and your search engine rankings aren’t good as per your expectation, then you can give this a try.

SEOProfiler has got many other useful tools but this Link Disinfection tool was really effective in improving my organic traffic. Just be careful while using the Google Disavow Tool.

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To get a Free SEOProfiler Account, Click Here. It has got tons of other useful SEO Tools so it’s definitely worth to invest in the premium version too.

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  • Bro, can you share any keyword research tool? I have started a blog and I’m not able to drive traffic. I’m going on googling. I found reason, Why my site is not getting traffic even when I share my website with social media websites ?

    Then, I get to know. The main reason was, I’m not doing good keyword research. So, I’ve no money to buy any tool. I tried Google keyword research tool.

    But, I’m not able to find Long Tail Keyword. So, please kindly consider this comment and help me as blogger.

    Thanks for sharing information about removing links through SEO profiler

    Thanks and Regards

  • Great post shrivant, bad links are really harmful because it also affect my blogs ranking, like your tips i also did that and i successfully removed the bad links. Thanks for sharing and keep it up!

  • Hello SHRIVANT ,

    Thanks for sharing and keep it up!, This article is very interesting remove bad backlinks, I have recently been searching for info about this topic for a long time and yours is the best I’ve found out till now.

    what a web site cultblogger! This blog provides helpful information to us,

    Happy Blogging 🙂

    • Hello Pavitra,

      Thank you very much for those kind words. I’m glad that this article was useful to you. If you need any further help please post here in the comments section below or contact us directly. 🙂

      All the best!

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