30+ Ultimate PBN Footprints Checklist for Beginners

If you ended up in this article, it means you are looking for information related to PBN. In this article, we will be providing you details about all the PBN Footprints and how to avoid them.

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Now, coming to the Ultimate PBN Footprints Checklist, let’s review the basics about PBN first.


What is PBN?

Well, I will explain this in the simplest language ever. PBN or Private Blog Network is actually a network of multiple websites of a same or different niche with a purpose of improving the Google Search Engine Ranks of your main money website. This is actually like your own private collection of websites which you can use to improve the authority of your primary money website by providing backlinks from them to your money website.

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How to Build a PBN

Building a PBN requires a strategy. You can’t simply register 10 domains, host all the domains on your server, add content and over! The most important part and the main purpose of the PBN is to make sure that each and every site in your Private Blog Network doesn’t have any relation to each other. That’s the main purpose why we have this article, providing you with a checklist to make sure your PBN Network safe from Google Penalty. However, to begin with, it goes like:

  • Get a VPN to make sure you have unique IP Address for every PBN Site you create.
  • Get a Domain (Preferably High Authority Expired Domain).
  • Get a Webhosting (A Cheap Webhosting or a Specialized PBN Hosting. You can also use Tumblr for hosting your Domain)
  • Host your Domain to that Server.
  • Add basic content like basic related articles, Privacy Policy, Contact Us Page etc.
  • You’re done!

This sounds pretty easy, Isn’t it? Well, it’s certainly not. The above-mentioned points are just to give you an overview of building PBN. As I said before, building a PBN has also got few other things such as selecting the perfect domain for PBN, select the best PBN Host, Filtering the domains and backlinks etc. This we will talk in a separate post later on.

Is it Safe to use PBN for SEO?

PBN is often associated with Google Penalty. To be honest, PBN is a risky business, however, if done correctly, it can do wonders. The main purpose of creating an efficient PBN is to make sure that Google doesn’t recognize that all the PBN sites belong to one person and is used to build backlinks and provide false authority to the money site. If you can do this thing correctly, there’s no chance that PBN may affect your website negatively.

PBN Footprints Checklist

To make sure your both your PBN and your money website is safe from Google Penalty, we have created a PBN Footprints checklist of 30+ things which you should take care of while building a PBN.


  • No Whois Privacy Protection – A Whois Guard/Privacy Protection is must for all your domains.
  • Using Same Domain Registrar – Never use Same Domain Registrar for all the domain.
  • Using Same TLD – It is advisable to use different Domain extensions for variety.
  • Same Whois Data – One of the biggest mistakes, always use different registrar email and other data.
  • Registering Multiple Domains at same Time – Register each of your domain on a different day so that they have a unique Domain Registration/Expiration profile.
  • Using the Same Webhost  – There’s a reason why there’s a thing like PBN Hosting in the market. Once should avoid hosting their PBN sites on one server/IP. That’s a huge red flag.
  • Using Same Nameservers/DNS – While this comes under Webhosting but if you’re using a third-party DNS service, please make sure you’re using different ones for all your PBN sites.
  • Same Server Geolocation – While selecting different web hosts for your PBN, make sure their servers are located in different regions of the world.
  • Same CMS Script – When you’re into PBNs, you’re not supposed to go with WordPress or Blogger every time. Try to use different CMS for your sites.
  • Unique Logo/Identity – Don’t leave your site with the default text-based logo or theme logo. Spend few minutes on Adobe Photoshop and create a unique logo for your site. You can also get it done through Fiverr.
  • No Social IdentitySocial Signals plays an important role in the overall identity and authority of the site. To avoid your PBN site look like a spam, make sure you have proper social channels.
  • No Links to Authority Sites – Always add links to authority websites from the content you’ve posted on your PBN.
  • Same Website Theme on All Sites – While using default WordPress or Blogger theme is a strict NO! Make sure you have a different design on all your PBN sites.
  • Missing Legal Pages – Make sure you’re not missing legal pages like “Disclaimer”, Privacy Policy” or something like “Terms & Conditions”.
  • Same Anchor Profile  – Whenever you’re linking to your money site, make sure you’re using the same anchor text. That makes easy for Google to detect this illegitimate practice for link building.
  • Missing Contact and Communication Details  – Add a “Contact Us” page on your website. Don’t use “Gmail” or “Yahoo” email accounts. You can go for your own custom domain email address.
  • Low-Quality Content/Spun Content  – While most of the people are using Low-Quality content, this may be harmful if not done properly. Even if you’re using Spun content, make sure it’s readable. Take a look at Artice Forge which allows you to generate free content with a button.
  • Same Google Analytics Account– This will add more work to your list but this is something you should follow strictly. Never use Same Google Analytics Account for your PBN.
  • Same Google Webmasters Account  – The same goes with the Webmasters Account! Every PBN site should have its own Google Webmasters/Analytics account.
  • “Uncategorized”  is still Present – Deleting/Renaming the “Uncategorized” category label should be one of the first steps after Installing the WordPress.
  • Sample Post/Comment is Present – After you’re done with removing the “Uncategorized” category, don’t forget to remove the sample post/page or comment.
  • No Relative Internal Linking  – Always do proper internal interlinking between the posts/content on each of your PBN site.
  • Same Permalink Structure  – Don’t be so obvious with your permalink structure. Try to have some variation in your website’s permalink structure.
  • Sample Plugin Set on all Sites  – You may have a list of plugins which you usually Install after your WordPress Installation. Please don’t follow that list for your PBN sites. Use alternatives for every plugin if they’re available. For example, use different caching plugins, SEO Plugins, Email Newsletter Plugin etc.
  • Same Categories Set  – Even if you have related niche sites in your PBN, don’t use same categories set. For example, instead of “Articles” category, you can go with “Stories”.
  • Same Admin/User Details  – Have unique identity for your Admin and Author accounts. Don’t use “Admin” as the username for any of your PBN sites.
  • Never Interlink your PBN Sites – A huge red flag! Never ever interlink your PBN sites to each other or establish some kind of relationship between them.
  • Same Media Content on all Site  – Use a Different set of Media Content such as Images, Videos, Graphics for each of your sites.
  • No Genuine Traffic – Build some genuine organic/social traffic for your site. Sites with no traffic are considered as dead.
  • Same Posting Schedule – Don’t post content on all your sites at the same time. Schedule your posts so that they appear on the site at different time periods.

There are many other PBN Footprints which you should take care of. If you have more suggestions for the list which you’ve discovered from your experience, feel free to suggest through the comments section and we’ll add them to the list.

If you feel this PBN Footprints Checklist is useful, share it with others.


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  • The way you shared the stuff is nice. You covered almost each and everything in a planned manner so that it becomes easy for everyone to understand the basic concepts of PBNs. It will definitely help the bloggers and others marketing agencies as well. Thanks for sharing with us!

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