How to Write a Blog When You Are In an Adult Industry

Psychology Today outlines that about 30% of all web traffic originates from adult websites.  Justifiably, this defines the adult industry as a pretty huge market.

Thanks to simplified web designs and blogging platforms, people are now more than ever before finding their way into the adult entertainment world.

Nonetheless, while pictures and videos are fantastic to quench a quick fix, they, however, don’t necessarily leave the audience coming back for more!

In essence, adult blogs represent an excellent means to build a more personal rapport with the adult content audience, develop your writing skills, and better yet make money.

If you are thinking about blogging for the adult industry, you will want to read this useful guide on how to write a blog when you are in the adult industry.

  • Clarify and set out Your Motivations

While the adult blogging industry might be an exciting and equally rewarding niche, you need to evaluate and get clarity about whether this is the right path for you.

No matter what you are blogging about, be it sports or adult products, blogging, is generally a robust industry to break into. Therefore, you really need to be into it before publishing your first blog.

In essence, blogging goes beyond typical self-promotion. It would be best if you offered your audience something from your blog posts. While you can effectively beat the odds, your heart, however, needs to be in the proper place.

  • Do your Research on The Market

Although it might appear strange, you need to surf the web for top adult sites and blogs to get a better perspective of what the industry is all about.  Visit your favourite adult sites and analyze them for a better understanding-both on a personal and business perspective too.

What about the site appeals to you? Can these elements be incorporated into your adult blog?

Surprisingly, you can learn plenty of things from browsing these adult sites. In fact, this industry has continually been among the driving factors in various technological advancements. It is arguably the origin of home video content. Thanks to the adult industry, we now have physical media such as DVDs and Blu-Rays.

Doing research will give you a vague idea of what to include or avoid when coming up with your adult content.

  • Pick A Niche

Whether an adult website is hosting adult material or writing a review on adult products, many such sites never really break out into the market, mainly because they fail to diversify.

To avoid this, ensure that you create a niche and effectively run with it. Since you will be pressed to identify an untapped market opportunity, your best option is to evaluate your fetishes and interests and focus on them.

Picking a niche within the adult industry might need some analyzing since there are multiple options to pick from, including MILF, lesbians, Asians, and so much more. Moreover, pick a niche that interests you the most as well as where you can be yourself and original.

  • Build Your Own Brand

You are just about done and ready for your first blog post! However, before you can take the adult blog industry by storm, you must establish your brand.

Here, prep work, as well as ample research, is a necessity.

First, come up with a unique and catchy name that your target audience will find easy to recall.  The blog name you pick should also adequately define what you are writing about.  Lottoland’s blog or Sexational blog are good examples of famous blogs with a catchy, easy to remember blog name that highlights what they blog about.

Next, you need to establish a unique tone for the blog. How do you want to write your content? Do you want to adopt a personally-driven, relaxed perspective or a more clinical perceptive?

While both can work quite well, the audience in the adult industry, however, are more inclined towards personalities in comparison to brands. As such, focus on writing your adult blog posts from your personal standpoint.

Lastly, get a blogging platform that perfectly suits your needs. The industry is packed with multiple remarkable websites that provide affordable hosting, not to mention numerous customization options that can work for your blog.

Start writing!

Congratulations! You are now ready to write your first blog post! While it might be overwhelming and rather challenging at first, don’t get discouraged. Keep in mind what you have learned here and you will gradually get better!

Good Luck!

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