Tips for Growing Your MLM Business Online Through Facebook

For people who are seeking to build their MLM business online, Facebook is a natural selection. A social platform like Facebook makes perfect sense when you consider that multi level marketing is built around the principle of relationship networks. To effectively make use of Facebook there are some fundamental strategies that you can use and advisers from will help you.


Demographic Research

The first and most obvious plan is to search out friends who have interests in common with you. Facebook permits you to search for others based on demographics, geographic locations, schools and interests. For network marketing purposes, you may want to seek out individuals who have the words “home business” in their profiles. When you find people who list “home business” in their profile information, a connection request is sent to them. In the connection request refer to interests you have in common. To make your request more personable, refer to something of interest that was included in their profile. For example you might comment on their profile picture. Taking this simple step shows that your interest is in getting to know them as a person. Be aware that Facebook does monitor how quickly you are sending friend requests and the overall quantity of new friend requests sent. Facebook generally allows 20-30 requests per day, but those requests should be spread out during the day. As a courtesy they send a warning message if they believe your friend request activity is too aggressive.


Build a Dedicated Community

The next method is the creation of a group. A group is formed around topics of interest, places, companies, or other points of commonality. Once your group is formed, you can post content, host events and lead discussions that are of interest to the members of the group. Finding new group members works much the same way as your friend requests do. The most natural place to start building your group is with your existing friends. Send each of your contacts a request to check out the group. You can also include group information in your new friend requests as well. One of the best tools of a group is the ability to blast messages and events to your group members.


Building Your Audience Through Fanpage

A separate beneficial plan is the utilization of a fan page. By using a fan page, you can separate your personal and business pursuits on Facebook. A fan page is intended to be commercial in nature and these pages are being used more and more by large companies and celebrities. People join your fan page through the use of a “like” button. When somebody likes your fan page they are now added as a fan. When you post new content on your fan page, that content is also posted to the wall of each of your fans. Additionally, fan pages can be customized with backgrounds and lead capture boxes. These modifications make them highly useful for MLM sales and recruiting efforts.


Using the Power of Facebook Advertising

The last strategy is the use of Facebook pay per click advertising. Facebook’s ppc works very similar to other online ppc programs in the use of keywords, bids and targeting. The unique difference is the capacity to target networks of individuals based on their social relationships on the site. This form of targeting gives additional leverage to the marketing effort. When using Facebook ppc, the most productive (and cost effective) usage of the platform is to direct your ppc campaign to your fan page. This keeps everything contained within the social networking aspect of the system instead of sending your prospect to an external website.

If you are not already using Facebook for your network marketing business, you are missing out on a world of possibility for your business.


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