How to Get Grammarly Premium Subscription for Free [WORKING]

Grammarly is an application designed to fight against the Grammar Police and to write anything with perfection and without any grammatical mistakes. Over the years, Grammarly has become the best tool available for checking grammar and making your articles comprehensive.

If you’re a blogger or a content writer, Grammarly is a must-needed tool for you. Not only it will help you to write better, but it will also provide you better grammar corrections with detailed explanations. Grammarly has got two options, the free version, and Grammarly Premium.

You can check our Detailed Grammarly Review with all the features and step-by-step tutorial.

grammarly example

Grammarly is available for FREE and anyone can download it and Install on their computer or even as a Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox Extension.

However, the premium version of Grammarly provides more detailed analysis of your text and can provide more in-depth corrections.

Although the premium version isn’t free and would cost you around $11.66/month, we have a small tutorial on how to get Grammarly Premium Subscription for free without paying anything.

The reason why I’d recommend every blogger, journalist or content writer to use Grammarly is because it will not only correct the mistakes in your article but it will also improve your overall writing skills which will make you a better writer.

Even if you can’t afford the premium version, you should Install the free version at least. However, as promised, we have a small guide which would let you earn the premium subscription for free and yes, that’s true.

Step-By-Step Guide to Available Grammarly Premium Subscription for Free

Grammarly Refer to A Friend is a program which allows you to avail the To available the Premium Subscription for free, follow the steps below:

get grammarly

  • Sign-up for your Grammarly account by entering your details. Once you’ve completed the sign-up process, you’ll be redirected to the Grammarly Editor in your browser else you can directly visit
  • The next step would be to add the Extension in your browser. To do this, you’ll see an option “Add to Chrome” at the top. Alternatively, you can go to “Apps” on the left navigation menu of the editor and then Install the Google Chrome/Firefox Extension.

grammarly chrome extension

  • Once you’ve successfully Installed the Extension, you’ll earn the 7 Day Free Premium Account of Grammarly.

You might be wondering that the premium is free only for 7 days, how can I claim it to be 100% free? Well, the answer this simple, through the Grammarly Referral system.

grammarly referral

  • As it says, you’ll earn 1 free week of Grammarly Premium for every referral. That is if a user sign-up through your link, he will himself get a free 7-day Premium Subscription and you will earn a week too.  That’s how it works! All you have to do is, Share your link with your friends and ask them to sign-up and Install the Browser extension.
  • Once a person has signed up through your referral link, you’ll earn a week of Premium Subscription. You can check your Free Premium Subscription Validity through “Subscription” page via left navigation menu. This is how Grammarly Free Trial works.

grammarly premium subscription free

Don’t want to Refer? Buy Grammarly Premium at 46% Discount

If you don’t want to make efforts in referring Grammarly to your friends, you can alternatively buy the premium subscription at 46% Discount. 

Grammarly can be you one of the best investment as a blogger and it’s not costly at all.

Grammarly Premium at 46% Discount

46% Off on All Premium Subscription Plans

Grammarly Premium at 46% Discount

46% Off on All Premium Subscription Plans

Grammarly Access Codes

Grammarly Access Code will provide you more discount on Premium Grammarly Plans in case you don’t want to refer. The link provided below will provide you Working Access Codes for all the available plans.

Get Grammarly Access Code 


If you find this article useful then consider sharing it with your friends. If you’re facing any issues in getting the Grammarly Premium subscription for free, then do let us know in the comments section.

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  • I am already having one premium account but not aware about this trick thnx for the information, Those who don’t have a Grammarly premium account should try this, it’s worth using it.

  • Really Great post and each part you describe very gently i am always using this plugin to avoid my mistakes i cant avoid this Tool in my browser 🙂

  • doesn’t seem to work now
    could you let us know another one
    referral page doesn’t exist and invite friends in extension seems unavailable

        • People were creating referral accounts with 1-year validity by themselves and were selling away. I guess, they must’ve been in loss because of this. I won’t blame Grammarly for this though!

          • People were using the referral link to get free premium by giving fake email names. All I had to do was take my link from chrome and use it in Firefox with a fake email and boom free

          • Exactly! This was the reason. However, it’s their fault too for having a weak referral system. It doesn’t matter anymore as they are already having good sales.

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