5+ Best Free WordPress Security Plugins

WordPress being the most popular platform for blogs and website has become a major zone of attack for hackers. and hence, these hackers may have an eye on your website too.

As it is being said prevention is better than cure, you should follow it too for your website. If you have a question how to secure your website from these hackers, don’t bother we have a solution for that. You can secure your WordPress site by using the following WordPress security plugins.

These plugins will provide maximum security to your site and the plus point is that you don’t have to spend to a single penny on it.


Here we are providing you with a list of selected plugins from which you can choose the best security plugin for WordPress.


All in one WP Security and Firewall

To secure your website from various malicious attacks, a security plugin is important. All in one wp security plugin will help you to keep track of IPs and will secure it from threats. You can use this WordPress security plugin even if you don’t have technical knowledge. Here are some pros and cons of it.

all in one wp security plugin wordpress


  • This plugin helps you to prevent your website from brute force attacks. Its login lockdown feature ensures it.
  • It has password strength tool which will help you and your visitors to create strong passwords.
  • It has a firewall.
  • The only negative point of this plugin is that its advanced and intermediate features are not compatible with some themes and other plugins.
Get All In One WP Security Plugin

MalCare Security and Firewall

Developed by the team behind BlogVault, MalCare is rapidly gaining popularity because of it’s new algorithm to provide security to your WordPress site. It not only protects your website from false Login attempts but also protects from various kinds of Hacking threats.



  • This plugins blocks all kinds of brute-force login attempts and unauthorized logins.
  • Malware scanner fins any kind of Malware on your website and displays an instant alert.
  • Scan all the files, plugins and even themes on your site to check for any phishing code, malware or any unsafe scripts.
  • It has a firewall.
  • May use some extra resource when installed on a Free webhost.
  • The free version comes with only basic limited features.
Get MalCare Security and Firewall Plugin


Sucuri Security

Sucuri security plugin is an excellent plugin which immediately acts on malicious attacks. This plugin is helpful for you to remove your site from the blacklisted list.

sucuri security plugin


  • This WordPress security plugin will audit your site’s security and will compare it to ideal security. This comparison will help you to know the exact position.
  • It scans your site’s key problem and helps you in identifying and solving them.
  • It also helps you in accessing the hacked sites.
  • Sucuri security doesn’t provide you firewall, you can get it after spending extra bucks.
  • Its interface will be difficult for users.
Get Sucuri Security Plugin


Shield Security

The next security plugin for WordPress on the list is Shield Security. This plugin allows only safe traffic to your website. It will block all the harmful traffic to keep your site away from threats.

shield security wordpress plugin


  • Its special feature is that it locks itself at the time of the attack. Anyone will need an access key to make further changes.
  • It guards your site against brute force attacks.
  • It blocks malicious URLs.
  • It will automatically spam the comments by bots.
  • It doesn’t scan your site for already existing threats.
Get Shield Security Plugin


Wordfence Security

Wordfence security is one of the best plugins for WordPress.Wordfence has millions of users who are already using it and are much satisfied with the features. Wordfence is most popular and also an effective plugin which offers you most advantageous features.



  • Wordfence plugin is the most easiest one to use. You can use it without any difficulty.
  • It shows you live traffic which helps you in identifying the coming threats.
  • It provides you different tools which you can customize too.
  • Wordfence provides firewall protection to your website. You can customize it as per your requirements.
  • Apart from this, you can secure multiple websites with this plugin.
  • Additionally, you will get access of Wordfence learning centre which will be helpful for you.
  • Some features like country blocking or schedule scan are available in the premium version of wordfence.
Get Wordfence Security Plugin


BulletProof Security

BulletProof security is also like other plugins providing security from different threats. This security plugin’s developer claims that it provides security from 100,000 threats.



  • This plugin has firewall feature which prevents your website from malicious scripts.
  • Developers have provided video tutorials which will guide you to the functions of the plugin.
  • It protects your site from brute force attacks.
  • It alerts you about coming threats.
  • You can take full or partial backups of your data.


  • Its interface is quite complex to use.
Get BulletProof Security Plugin


These were the 5 free best WordPress security plugins. Choose the best one you think fits your site’s security. These plugins will provide you maximum safety from threats, but for additional security, you can also opt for their premium versions.

If you have any suggestions for this list, kindly mention in the comments section below.

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