5 Things to Keep in Mind Before Recording your First YouTube Video

Since its inception in 2005, and its acquisition by Google in 2006, YouTube has changed the internet landscape. The video-sharing website has become a platform for people to showcase their talent, products, business and what not.  There are a whole range of videos to be found on YouTube. You will find independent artists promoting their material, people providing tutorials on a wide array of topics, random animal videos, reaction videos, VLOGS and much more. Earlier, showcasing your video to the world used to be a huge ordeal. But, with the onset of YouTube, any ordinary Joe, with a camera and an internet connection, can upload a basic video on the site. YouTube has now come to such a stage that it can turn you into an internet sensation and an overnight celebrity. However, to become an internet sensation and rake in some moolah, your video has to captivate the audience. First impressions usually last and in this utterly competitive world, where, coming up with unique ideas are getting harder and harder, shining out has become all the more important. Therefore, it is crucial to invest a good amount of time and effort on your first YouTube video.

Here are 5 useful tips to keep in mind before recording your first YouTube video:-


The Idea

idea for youtube video

The idea is probably one of the most paramount elements that you have to decide upon if you want to become a serious YouTuber. It is the theme upon which your video will be based upon. The idea can be ignored if you just want to upload a video of a random cat rolling about on the kitchen floor. But, if you are serious about your first video and have a long term goal in mind, it is best to come up with a unique idea. However, any idea should be sufficient, be it existing or unique, as long as you execute it in a proper fashion, keeping the target audience in mind. The idea should be the conceptualization of the whole video and serve as the framework for everything you do after coming up with it.


Sample Content

Unless you are going for an artsy silent video, you would be requiring a damn fine script. Coming up with a script is an art in itself. It should be quite entertaining, while at the same time be effective in putting your message through. You have to be tactful in not hurting the audience’s feelings, and prepare a carefully constructed script. Sometimes, you need not even prepare a script and go with the flow. However, in such a situation, it is always recommended to keep some pointers in handy so that you don’t end up with a confusing and pointless video. Good dialogues can result in half your popularity as people usually tend to pick up catchy dialogues and use them among peers. So, well-crafted dialogues can indirectly help in publicizing your video.


The Equipments

All right, then. You have the idea and the script and are now ready to paint all of this into the flowing canvas of your camera (artsy much?). So, what are the equipments you need? First of all, you’ll need a camera. You’re like Duh! But wait; there are a lot of cameras out there. You have High Definition cameras, 3D cameras, 360-degree cameras, Smartphone cameras. While all of these cameras are suitable to shoot a YouTube video, the right camera for the job is entirely up your choice. For a professional-looking video, HD cameras are the way to go but, if you wish to show a bit of amateurishness, a Smartphone camera could work wonders. Along with the camera, it is equally important to have equipments that support the camera. Tripods are great for providing image stability and microphones help in enhancing audio and cancelling background noise. For lighting, use sunlight as much as possible. Artificial lighting, along with sunlight in the right balance can give excellent results. So, go ahead and shop for the perfect gear.


A Good Video Editing Software

A good video editing software will provide a superb finishing touch to your video. With a video editing software, you can add effects, goofy transitions, ending credits, background music and a lot more. The possibilities are endless. Use this wisely, and you will have a great looking video that is just waiting to be uploaded.


A Catchy Title and Thumbnail

Now see, I don’t want to be shallow here, but no matter how good your video is, if you don’t have an eye-catching title or thumbnail, it simply isn’t going to be opened. People do judge a book by its cover, and in this case, a YouTube video by its title and thumbnail. So, do devote a good amount of time coming up with the title. As for the thumbnail, go for something really eye-catching. But, be sure it’s not something that is likely to scare the viewer away.

So with these tips in mind, you are now good to shoot your first YouTube video. All the best!

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