5+ Effective Ways to Maximize Your AdSense Profits

If there is one thing the online business has transformed the players in the industry, it’s that they turned each and every one of us into an internet marketer. Most of today’s websites owners market different products and services on their blogs via ads, and from these they earn commissions without putting much effort. This is probably among the great benefits provided to us by Google AdSense: letting the ads do the profit generation.

But not all site owners end up with success stories through AdSense; in fact, a lot of webmasters still try to search for ways on how to maximize their AdSense profits, since the income doesn’t come instantly-nor does it arrive in big amounts. There are those meanwhile who turn to other advertising applications that offer bigger commissions at faster payouts. But what really makes a site successful with AdSense?

Here are 5 effective ways by Stancespice.com team on how you can maximize your AdSense profits which you can apply on your site:

Place The Ads Properly


Yes, we all get excited in placing the ads on our sites since they are our ticket to success in the online business, but what most internet marketers do not take notice of is where and how to place these ads properly. Given so, you must remember to put your ads in strategic places.

Place your ads in the parts where your visitors get to see at first glance. In these places your audiences instantly take notice of the products and services your market via AdSense, and from there they can click and check out what those ads have to offer. Also, place your ads in the parts of the screen where your visitors frequently scroll in, such as below the search bar, so as they can quickly turn to your ads after they do their search or inquiry.

If you are still thinking where to place your ads, the most effective parts are at the top-centre and at the top-right areas of your site. This way your ads become omnipresent during the entire visit your readers.


 Your Ads are Part of Your Site

A common misconception about ads is that they are just add-ons to generate profits to your site. That’s where a lot of bloggers and site owners fail in AdSense. In fact, what you must do is make your ads part of your site by making them blend in with the content.

Create colour themes and skins in which your ads can adapt to. Your aim for this is to make your ads look less like ads, and more like they are part of the overall background and content. The color of your text links also helps a lot because they lure your readers to checking the ads out since they think these are actually part of your content.


 Always Write Relevant & Valuable Content

The golden rule in the online business also applies to maximizing your AdSense profits: write relevant content. Google’s automatic script in feeding you with relevant ads does not always match your content. Hence, make sure that the keywords you use are relevant to the ads Google provides you, so that targeted traffic can come faster and easier. Focus on one main topic, so that you will not get untargeted traffic.


 Wrap Your Content

It is also important to format your content in such a way that it becomes wrapped around your ads. Proper wrapping is in a way effective since makes your ads a part of your site, and at the same time makes them the center of your viewer’s attention. Hence while reading your content, your readers also get enticed to click and check out the ads you have placed.


 Use the Most Profitable Ad Format

In this strategy, it is best that you place one big rectangular ad on the center of your site’s webpage rather than a stream of little ads at the sides. This is because big rectangular ads catch the attention of your readers, seem to look like part of your site’s content, and at the same time they do not distort the layout of your site. You may change themes, and backgrounds or apply a new layout, but the appearance of your ads remain the same since they are at the heart of your content.

If you have more suggestions for improving the adsense earnings then kindly share it in the comments section below.

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