How to Earn Money from Facebook in 2018

If you’re here then either you’re already making money through some other channels, or you might be looking to convert your time you spend on Facebook to something productive.  Well, you’re at the right place. In this article, we’ll explain how to earn money from Facebook in 2018.

To be honest, in this age of the Internet, there are thousands of ways through which you can make money online. Some of them are Blogging, Freelancing such as Content Writing or Trading.

However, if utilised properly, you can convert the social impact of Facebook into money. Here are some of the methods which I can recommend to the readers:

Through Facebook Pages

The easiest way to make money from Facebook is through Facebook Pages. If you have a Facebook Page with a lot of followers, then you can utilise it to earn some money. Many advertisers are looking for social presence. However, since there are millions of Facebook Pages with high followers, it might be possible for Advertisers to miss your page.

To create an earning opportunity for your page, follow the tips below:

  • Comment on Other Popular Facebook Pages through your Facebook Page. Provide useful comments so that they can get likes and you can get more exposure.
  • Share viral content on Facebook. This is probably the best way to get noticed.
  • Boost your Posts every week through Facebook Ads.
  • Organise a contest on your page to genuine global social engagement.

If you follow the tips above, you can attract advertisers who pay up to $50 just for sharing a link or video on your Facebook Page. Isn’t this easy?


Through Your Own Profile

Do you have too many friends and followers on your Facebook Profile? Are you a social influencer? If yes then you can utilise this opportunity to earn some money.  Some advertisers are looking for social influencers who have genuine followers and can help them build some leads.

If you are among them, you can earn some good money. There are few Facebook Groups which might be useful for you to look for such advertisers:

These are strictly moderated groups and have no tolerance for SPAM. Make sure you don’t act like a spammer!

Through Facebook Apps

If you are a Facebook Developer and proficient is developing apps, you can earn money through your app. Create a highly engaging or viral Facebook App. Social Apps like Funny Quiz, Personality Quiz etc. work really well. To earn through these apps, you can join Facebook Native Ads program.


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Through Facebook Groups

facebook groups

This is currently a trending idea to earn money from Facebook. The idea behind this method is to create a closed Facebook Group where you can provide good product deals. You can include product deals from online shopping sites or from other product sites.

If you are successful in creating an active group by providing useful product deals, you can earn a lot of money through Affiliate Marketing. All you have to do is simply do some good research on product deals, find out steal deal, post on your Facebook Group with your affiliate link and you’re done.


Through Freelancing

Are you a freelancer? Do you have a special skill or expertise? Facebook can be a great platform to showcase your skills and earn money. For example, if you’re great in designing Graphics then you can showcase your work on your Profile or Group. Showcasing your work will attract potential customers who would like to pay for your work.

Remember, showcase your best instead of scamming others. Your sales and customers will depend on your reviews and reputation


My Final Words

facebook stats

Facebook is currently the largest social networking. There are many other ways by which you can earn money. It depends on your creativity and skills, and you need to be vigilant enough to capitalise on every opportunity.

If you have a new suggestion on how to earn money from Facebook, post in the comments section below and we’ll include in the list above.

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