Digital Trends That Will Increase Your Audience

Every year delivers series of new marketing trends that dictate the key to success in the digital market. This year is no exception and that is why we want to share 3 preeminent digital marketing trends you should apply in your online business to attract the maximum audience.

Online marketing trends have been evolving over years and the paradigm is shifting. Advertising trends that used to work 5 years ago may not be effective as at now. A wise entrepreneur knows how to keep up with these changes. You have to stay on top of the digital marketing news.

Remember that the lifeblood of your business is the clients you attract and the leads you convert. A single marketing funnel may not suffice in producing a significant return on investment. Your potential to create leads depends on the trust you’ve built and the relationship with your audience.

You have to convince your online visitors that you are their most relevant option in the market. The idea is to be omnipresent in their thoughts. You can achieve this through the following 3 digital marketing solutions.


Data-driven marketing campaigns

The process of audience engagement and leads creation is synonymous with marketing. For results to show up, you need a flexible digital marketing plan. It is important to know updates of the new digital marketing trends such as the Big Data. This strategy may be derived from a number of sources like the social media, public web, business apps, sensor data, and other tools like YesWare and Buzzstream.

These Big Data tools collect information from the World Wide Web and allow you to work on your projects accordingly. Statistics reveal that by the year 2020, the Big Data market will hit 9.4 billion. What does that tell you? It means that there are numerous untapped opportunities that you derived from data if you use it strategically.

Personalization is the key to the development of digital marketing tools. A combination of customization and specialization allows your potential clients to feel valued. And from their behavior, you’ll find great insights on digital trends 2018. The modern marketing platforms like Facebook provide segmentation tools that allow customer engagement. You can target the relevant audience by including an existing pool of your followers for retargeting. And that is just one example of how to realign the existing data to find new leads and convert the known leads.


Social media engagement

There are about 2 billion social network accounts today. It goes without saying that social media should be a crucial part of your latest digital marketing trends. Still, you can engage more audience than your competitors in a number of ways.  Apart from creating relevant content, it is important to plan for audience engagement strategies. It doesn’t have to be costly. Check out the easiest ways to increase social media engagement. 

social media engagement


  1. Use free monitoring tools: your online reputation can determine the success of your business. You should take advantage of free monitoring tool to listen to your followers. Examples of these tools include Topsy, Google Alerts, Icerocket, Social Mention, and TweetDeck.
  2. Visual tools: audience engagement activities and visual content are inseparable. There are tremendous benefits to using graphics on your social media sites. Statistics indicate that visual tools can boost the social media engagement strategy on Facebook by 85% and on Twitter by 35%. Instead of going for costly options like Infographics, you should use free and creative ones including pictures of your new product, requesting followers to share images, and images of major events.
  3. Games, Giveaways, and Contests: Contests and giveaways are some of the best digital marketing insights for increasing engagement on social media. People love prizes and like to be recognized. You can offer gifts to those who are willing to fill out entry forms or share your brand story with others. Games can also keep your audience active and generate a lot of buzz on your social networks.
  4. Ask for information: Still wondering how to increase social media engagement? Consider asking questions, ideas, or advice. Let your audience explain their expectations of your brand’s future. You can also ask general questions and you’ll be surprised by the insights they can offer.
  5. Link to other sites: Linking provides more social media engagement ideas thereby increasing your brand awareness. You can connect with industry leaders and who knows, you might emerge as a leader one day. Make sure that what you share is legit. For example, if you are looking for inspiration for a freelancing site, you can look at the various examples, like Edu Birdie.


Content marketing upgrades

To know how to engage your audience or upgrade your content marketing strategies you have to go a long way. The demand for content is increasing this year. Needless to say, focusing on quality content can increase blog traffic in this competitive digital environment.

Note that quality is all that matters in this case and not quantity. And when we talk about content, we are not just referring to the text. It is about increasing visual content, images and videos. Let’s talk about how to get people to read your blog through effective video marketing.

Videos remain the kings of today’s marketing trends. Did you know that 90% of shared information by the year 2020 will be made up of videos, says a recent report? This is one of the best online trends you cannot miss out on. Generally, videos are more effective than other alternatives because they attract attention quickly and leave lasting impressions. Advertising is all about the appeal and video advertising creates compelling ads for increasing the brand awareness.

There are many ways to create successful videos, e.g., adding comprehensible subtitles to the videos and using the perfect length that doesn’t trigger boredom. Even social media networks have discovered the power of video content. We expect this trend to keep growing.

content marketing upgrades

Are you considering how to get traffic to your blog? The best digital marketing strategies are aimed at engaging the audience. It is important to be aware of the changes going on in the different aspects of digital advertising. And before you start upgrading your strategies, make sure that you have reviewed your goals and decided on how to achieve them. 2018 is a big year that should mark the peak of your digital marketing career. Engage your audience with the 3 tactical steps and soon, everyone will be asking you for insights on how to increase site traffic.  Cheers!

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