7 Things I Achieved in Blogging after Quitting Facebook for 10 Days

At first, you might be surprised after reading the title that how can a Blogger quit Facebook when Social Media is one of the major platforms for any Internet Marketer to promote the business.

Well, let me tell you, it’s actually true that Facebook is currently the topmost platform to promote your blog or online marketing business but sometimes it can also affect your blogging life negatively.

Have you ever wondered how much time do you spend on Facebook by just reading your News Feed or browsing through memes and of course the viral videos floating all over the Facebook?

I actually did! Yes, recently I realized that I wasn’t being productive at all. I haven’t written an article on my blogs for 10 months. The last article I personally wrote on any of my blogs was in Jan 2017. Of course, there are numerous other things other than Blogging but I realized that it wasn’t a legit excuse for not writing a single article on my blog in these last 10 months.

I did a quick analysis of how much time I spend on Facebook daily, including both through Mobile and Computer and I found that it was somewhere around 3-4 hours. This was just an average duration I spent on Facebook browsing news feed, watching useless videos, commenting on useless posts on different pages and keep scrolling meme pages. I have excluded the duration I spent reading useful articles and case studies on Blogging Groups.

Doing a simple math calculation, If I’ve got 16-17 hours in a day, I’ve already wasted 4 hours just for this stupid purpose and it really hurts now.

The good thing is that I actually realized and decided to quit Facebook, not forever but at least for some time.  See, you need to be very practical when trying to do something like this. If you are setting a target like quitting Facebook for a Month or for 3 Months, you may face disappointment in between. I am not saying this is impossible but setting a shorter target will help you build confidence, willpower and the feeling of achievement as they are easy to achieve.

I am writing this article 10 Days after I decided to quit Facebook , and since I am successful in this short target, I’ll be continuing for 10 more days. My target is to quit a Facebook for 30 Days but step-by-step.

Now, I’ll be mentioning few things I achieved in these last 10 Days related to Blogging.


The first achievement is none other than this article itself. This is the first article I’ve written on this blog after 10 long months. This is pure satisfying that this blog isn’t dead anymore. Along with this, I’ve written 6 more articles on my different blogs.



There was a blogging project which I planned last year and bought the domain. Unfortunately, I couldn’t execute the idea and the domain was just lying untouched. In these 10 days, I decided to finally initiate this new project and I was successful in this.

I started the blogging project, completed the website setup, designed the graphics for the website and Social Media, written 3 articles it.

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One of these 2 old blogs is currently my top earning source and is a 9-year-old Blog. That one blog was on WordPress 4.7 and was on an older version of the theme and because of this, my website was already injected with malicious codes.

This affected the search engine rankings. I really did a huge mistake of ignoring this as it really affected the search engine rankings of my blog and I already lost 50% of the traffic.

Finally, I was able to update the site, removed all malicious codes, written 1 new article. Regarding the other blog, it was completely down since last 4 months when its hosting package expired. I didn’t even bother to move it to the new server. That’s so lazy of me! I finally made up that site online again. This other site is also a DA/PA 25+ site.



Since Facebook was already out of the equation, for now, I decided to promote my blogs on other channels. This included promotion on Reddit, Blogging Feeds Site, YouTube and Quora.

Yes, Quora is a great platform to promote your website but you need to be careful while promoting. Don’t spam! Promote genuinely by writing 100 words replies to the questions. This whole promotion thing helped me to improve my traffic.

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In blogging, to achieve success it is very important to do proper research. I spent few hours in finding decent keywords for my blogs for writing content. For this, I used SEMRush and KWFinder. I made an excel sheet of all the profitable keywords for my different blogs.



I’ve been using Adobe Photoshop for past 10 years. I am not an expert in this but I can still make okay-ish graphics. I learnt few new photoshop skills related to designing logos, featured images and adding effects in photoshop.

Trust me, if you are an aspiring Blogger then you should spend some time in learning decent Photoshop skills as it will help you a lot in your journey. You don’t need to become an expert but you can at least make your own logos and icons for your website.



In the last 12 month, I didn’t build any backlinks for my blogs. I decided to make few backlinks by following the strategy of 1 backlink every day for each blog either through a good comment or through a do-follow community post.

Although they aren’t very effective but they do add some points in your SEO, plus, it takes only 30 minutes to complete this job for all the sites.


Now, I have a feeling of self-satisfaction that quitting Facebook for 10 days was DEFINITELY WORTH. Although, I’m not sure if after the 20th day I’d be back on Facebook or not but these achievements are a confidence booster and will help me further.

I’m not saying that you all should quit Facebook but if you feel that your productivity is being affected by Facebook or any Social Media, try this 10-Day Rule strategy.

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