5 Best WordPress Cache Plugins for Shared Hosting


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These Caching Plugins are highly recommended for WordPress sites hosted on a shared web hosting server.

Most of the bloggers who are on shared hosting server face issues with the speed of their website. Since shared hosting servers are used by many other users at a time, your web host restricts the usage of the resources for every user. Hence, sometimes you may experience server outages, resource usage exceeded errors and other issues. A normal WordPress blog with a limited number of installed plugins may work perfectly fine on shared hosting servers but if you’ve installed many plugins then it can make your  WordPress slow. While we do not recommend you to install heavy plugins on a web hosting server with limited memory resources, but if you still need those plugins then a cache plugin is the only solution to speed up a WordPress site, reduce the bandwidth usage and improve your site’s overall  performance. Here, we will list 5 best WordPress cache plugins for shared hosting servers:

WP Fastest Cache

WP Fastest Cache is available as both free and premium WordPress plugin and is one of the simplest caching plugins. The user interface is very easy and it’ll take only a few seconds to configure the plugin after the Installation. Although it doesn’t provide detailed options for caching but it does its job perfectly. If you are not looking for advanced caching options then this can be the best WordPress cache plugin for shared hosting.

wp fastest cache



Hyper Cache

Hyper Cache is yet another easy-to-configure WordPress caching plugin. Hyper Cache provides options to bypass caching along with support for bbPress. Hyper Cache can also create a separate cache for mobile users. This is a light-weight caching plugin and is supported on most of the shared hosting servers without causing additional load. Hyper Cache is definitely a great plugin to speed up a WordPress site on a shared hosting server with limited resources.

hyper cache


ZenCache (Comet Cache)

ZenCache is another good WordPress caching plugin which works very well on shared hosting servers. The user-interface and configuration isn’t as simple as compared to WP Fastest Cache and Hyper Cache but still it is a plugin which doesn’t utilize much server resources and will definitely improve WordPress speed and performance. We would only recommend ZenCache if the above two plugins are causing problems for your website.

zen cache


W3 Total Cache

Although W3 Total Cache isn’t a plugin specially developed for shared hosting servers but it can be configured so that it can work efficiently on shared hosting servers without causing any issues. W3 Total Cache is one of the best WordPress caching plugin available and it provides a huge list of features which can be useful for any kind of web hosting server. Configuration isn’t  simple but if you are on a shared hosting server, you can simply turn on the basic caching features which will help you to speed up a WordPress site. They have a well-documented guide which can help you with the configuration settings so that you don’t mess up with your WordPress site. Make sure you read the Installation guide which is present on the plugin page.



Cache Enabler – WordPress Cache

Cache Enabler is a new WordPress caching plugin with only basic caching features but it does it’s job perfectly. Cache Enabler supports multisite and provides all the basic caching features. User interface is very simple and the configuration hardly takes a minute or two. If you’re not looking for an advanced caching plugin or if  your web hosting server doesn’t support any the above caching plugins then Cache Enabler can be a good choice.

cache enabler



How to Test WordPress Site Speed

If you have recently optimized your WordPress site and would like to test the speed then you can use the following tools:

  • GTMetrix – Provides a highly detailed analysis if your Website’s speed and performance
  • Pingdom – Provides the basic analysis of your server and site’s performance.

Best WordPress Hosting Providers

If you are still facing problems with your web hosting server then we will recommend you to go with any of the following web hosting providers as they are popular for their best WordPress hosting service:



These Caching Plugins are highly recommended for WordPress sites hosted on a shared web hosting server.

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