10 Best Free Tools for Entrepreneurs and Startups

Starting a business, entrepreneurs face great difficulties, especially if it’s just a cold product and not enough capital. Small and medium-sized entrepreneurs cannot maintain a marketing team, so there is a misconception that they cannot compete in a large market.

In the world of technology, most businesses fail not because they have bad products, but because they do not use or do not know how to use free tools for startups.

Small businesses, home production owners, and individual merchants are the main target market for developers of a variety of applications and online services that allow you to launch a simple website, study the market and even create an infographic or simple advertising layout for social networks. So let’s check the list of the top 10 digital marketing tools for entrepreneurs.


From Scratch

If you start from scratch, the first thing you need to do is create a website. This can be done on the WordPress platform easily and for free. For small and individual producers who are targeting foreign markets, it makes sense to create a profile on the international trading platform Etsy.


Logo Creation

The best tool for startup that helps to generate simple logos is Freelogoservices, where you can choose a design frame and experiment with colors, fonts and other elements yourself.


Business Planning

If your company is in the early stages of development and wants to attract investors, then EquityNet will be an invaluable and free tool for it. The application allows you to create visualized business plans and demonstrate them to everyone. It’s a great way in a visual form to show investors how your company plans to develop and track this development for your own purposes.


Online Surveys

Surveys are a great way to better understand your client base and target audience, and also collect a lot of useful data for later analysis and visualization. SurveyGizmo allows you to conduct 25 different types of surveys free of charge with an unlimited number of questions, answers and the number of respondents. For example, you can ask them who can write my essay for me in Australia.


E-mail Marketing

Email survived all the digital revolutions and still remains one of the main ways to communicate with large groups of customers. MailChimp is one of the most popular applications for mailing lists and managing your email subscribers, and one of the most efficient business tools for startups.

The free version allows you to send up to 12,000 letters per month to a contact database of 2,000 subscribers. You will also be able to use convenient and minimalistic templates for successful mailings and offer your customers a convenient automatic subscription form for the newsletter.

Content Creation

The Infogr.am service developed in Latvia makes it possible to create excellent infographics for social networks. An excellent tool for drawing up simple mockups is the Canva. It is a platform that offers hundreds of design frameworks, letter styles and effects for creating images. With a little effort, it can create an advertising poster or layout, perfectly refreshing content of social networks.


Effective Communication

Although e-mail has long been one of the favorite ways of communicating in a virtual work environment, it often takes a lot of time-not as much as writing, as waiting for a response. Especially if you then have to scroll the history of correspondence and catch the thread of conversation in different letters.

A tool like Asana will help you work outside email and has functions that allow you to organize messaging and keep conversations in one place. The user can also add files from Google Drive and Dropbox. Teams up to 15 people can use the service for free.


Effective Meetings

Meetings are necessary for the members of the startup team to stay in touch, discuss upcoming projects, and build relationships. Free tools, such as Skype, were an excellent solution for telephone and video calls.

But there are many other services that offer the possibility of a video conference, for example, Oovoo, which creates a video chat for 12 people, no matter what device they use. This service is great for offering customers to discuss the project.


Signing of Documents

The signing of contracts and non-disclosure agreements can often consist of a large number of pieces of paper and take a lot of time. Each participant must sign and then send each other copies. At first, everything was done by mail, but then the scanners simplified the work.

The PandaDoc application can make the process of signing documents even easier by doing all the work in several steps in a fully digital format.


Analytics Tools

To study the attendance of the site and other indicators, an already well-known Google Analytics service is very useful, giving valuable statistics on how the target audience uses your site, how long it is staying in certain sections and by what channels the largest visit is generated.

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