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Article Forge is an automatic article generator machine which can create content with a single click in 30 seconds.

As a blogger, we all look for methods and tools to save our time. Be it an automated social media posting service or automated SEO tools.

When it comes to writing content, we all struggle to write content for our blogs, social media channels and even for our Web 2.0 properties.

Writing articles requires a lot of research, revisions and proper content structure. However, sometimes we need not-so-good content for our additional channels such as secondary blogs, PBNs and other Web 2.0 properties.

To make the work easier, Article Forge is the tool.

Give my Free 5-Day Article Forge Trial

Article Forge saves your time by writing a complete article for your blog with just a click of a button. In this article, I would be reviewing this automatic article generation tool.



Article Forge comes with few good features.

  • Generates Unique Article Based on your Keyword
  • Integration with Copyscape
  • Integration with WordAI
  • Automatic Posting to your WordPress
  • Post Scheduler
  • API to connect with other Tools
  • Allows you to generate article from 200 Words to 750 Words.

On the paper, features do look good and trust me, these are pretty useful if you have too many blogs.

This tool can automatically generate articles and post on your WordPress sites and any other platform. Since they have API included in their subscription, you can use the command to connect it to your favourite tools.

Apart from this, if you have a Copyscape and WordAI subscription, you connect them to your account to generate more unique content.



Their user interface is pretty simple. You have to click on “New Article” from the left side menu to get started.

All you have to do is enter the keyword or the topic of your article.  It can also be a long keyword but I was able to get an okay result with a normal keyword too. You can also enter sub-keywords to provide more details to the tool.

article forge 1The next thing you have to do is, play with the article generation settings. According to your needs, you can filter the ‘Content Needs’ to ‘Money Site’, Tier-2 and Tier-3.

article forge 2

Personally, I didn’t even tried the other two and went with the best quality, that is ‘Money Site‘. You can also customize the sentence and paragraph variation settings.

article forge 3

The last thing to do is to customize the Article Style. You can set the tool to automatically Add Titles and Headings, a related Image and even a related Video.

article forge 4

Once you’ll click the ‘Create New Article’ button, it will take some time (around 1-2 minutes) to generate the article for you.

In the above case, the output was the following

article forge generated content

article forge generated content


To be honest, I expected a better result but then content writing is something which cannot be done perfectly with automatic tools.

If you are planning to use this tool to generate content for your money site or primary blog then I won’t recommend. There are a lot of grammatical mistakes in the generated content and some sentences don’t even make sense.

However, these articles are okay for your PBN sites or Web 2.0 properties as they are at least related to the topic. Of course, you can generate better results by playing with the settings but it still won’t be able to give you a top-notch article.

These kind of articles are useful when you are doing you backlink campaigns or guest post campaigns.

The bottom line is, they still need to work on their engine to generate more natural articles.



If you are looking for an automatic article generator to create content for your PBN sites, Web 2.0 Properties or low-quality blogs then Article Forge can be very handy. It can save a lot of time and do 60% of the work (writing articles and posting) for you with just a click.

If you are looking for a tool to create high-quality SEO content for your primary money site then you should skip this one.



The monthly subscription plan for Article Forge costs $47 while the annual subscription plan costs $297.

article forge pricing

The good thing is, they have a 5-Day Trial for Free where you can try this tool with unlimited use.

Click on the button below to Register for Article Forge 5-Day Free Trial. 

Give my Free 5-Day Article Forge Trial

You will need to enter your credit card/debit card details. However, you won’t be charged at all. Make sure you cancel the subscription before the 5 Days are over to avoid your card being charged.

If you need any help regarding this then kindly post in the comments section below.

Article Forge is an automatic article generator machine which can create content with a single click in 30 seconds.

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