7 Ways Through Which Technology Can Influence your Life

In the ancient era, there were only three basic necessities: food, shelter, and clothes. But nowadays gadgets also come into the category of basic necessities.

People around the globe are getting addicted towards the electronic gadgets and life without a gadget is becoming impossible for us.

In the past people used technology as an apparatus for making existence an easier venture.

Nowadays we are observing a move in the role technology is performing in our culture and may remain to play for generations to come.

The Use of technology in communication


As in the ancient era, when communication was limited to letter writing, telegrams and waiting for those postal services to deliver your letter. But, today’s technology has made the way of communication is just a cup of cake. Now you can send an urgent message through email or fax in a second without any delays, the receivers will get the message and they will reply you promptly.


Use of technology in human relationships

As the world develops, people are getting more indulge in their professional lives. Today a working life is so demanding, no one is free to have time to find a connection with new people. Hence, technology has also filled this gap. With technology, you can link and meet new people while at work using technology like mobile phone apps or social networks. Social networks like Facebook.com or any other social media networks have played a major role in connecting both old and new relationships.


Use of technology in education

Today, technology has made a huge variation in the education world. With the discovery of software, gadgets, mobile apps and website to hire private tutor which make learning easier. Today is a trend of doing e-learning and anybody can access a full library through a mobile app on any smartphone or iPad. Before having this technology, students had to go to physical libraries to collect the data they need.


Use of technology in purchasing

E-commerce, a well-known term for everyone. Today, the era of technology, buying, and selling of goods seem to be very flexible. With the invention of e-payment methods customers can easily purchase anything online without leaving the comfort of their homes. You will only have to sign up with the site for free, then connect your debit card details so that cash is moved from your physical bank account to your electronic account.


The Use of technology in agriculture

With the invention of online help for farmers, they can use multiple applications to work more rapidly and accurately while in the field and off the field. Many apps will help a farmer manage their crops more effectively by advising the cheapest feed for their livestock. You will need no paper or any spreadsheets to do all this. Saving you more time while in the field.


Use of technology in banking

By introducing the e-banking or electronic banking transferring money has become the simplest task. E-banking has made it easy to carry with more money without having any worries of getting robbed on the way. You can do online shopping and purchase anything with a number of benefits of e-banking.


Use of technology in transportation

Transportation is one of the basic necessities of a human life and technology plays a major role in making it more efficient and easy to use. Both industries and individuals have profited from the new technologies in the travel industry. Just imagine your life without well-built transportation systems. It has become an elementary need because we use developed transport means like cars, trains, and airplanes to go to work, to import or export goods, to go for purchasing, to visit friends and so much more.


In conclusion

The use of technology can’t be measured, technology has played an enormous part in many other fields like health, Job Foundation and much more. And this technology will keep on changing according to the needs of people and the market. How we use technology governs if it’s good or bad, helpful or harmful. Technology, itself, is unbiased. But it depends on us, how we use it and take out something good or bad from it.

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