7 Ways to Get More Traffic to Your Website Using Twitter

Social Media has become an important platform for the promotion of your blog. Even the top Internet Marketers considers Social Media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Reddit as one of the important part of their promotion strategy. However, for each Social Media network, a different promotional approach should be used in order to get maximum exposure for your website. Today, we will list 7 effective ways which help you on how to increase traffic to your blog:

Provide Website URL In your Profile

The first and the most important thing to do after creating a twitter account for your website is to put your Website’s URL in the profile below your profile picture. Your website URL will be displayed to everyone who visits your twitter profile. Add a cool description with a profile picture and then followed by your website/blog URL.
twitter profile blog url
The person who will visit your profile may or may not read your tweets but there is a high chance that he may click on your website’s URL provided below your profile picture.


Tweet Often

Most of the people tweet only when they publish a new post. It is recommended to tweet whenever you get time to get more impressions of your twitter profile which will not only help you to get more followers but will also help you in getting traffic to your website. You can tweet a cool tip, quote or can also tweet a meme for your followers. The more you’ll tweet, more your twitter profile will appear active. Just make sure you don’t tweet like a spam bot.


Use Related Hashtags

Twitter is a completely public social media platform. Whatever you tweet becomes visible to the whole world. However, to improve your tweet’s visibility use related hashtags. For example, if your tweet is related to Search Engine Optimization or Internet Marketing, use related hashtags such as #SEO, #SEOTips, #MarketingTips etc. You should always prefer popular and common words in hashtags to increase the number of impressions for your tweet.
twitter related hashtags


Use Trending Hashtags

As you’ve learned  earlier that hashtags are essential to increase website traffic, you can also use the power of trending hashtags. Trending Hashtags are the Hashtags which are trending all over the world our your country. You can see the trending hashtags on the sidebar of twitter website.
trending hashtags
Use any related trending hashtag in your tweet along with your website’s link. This is one of the most effective way to increase the number of impressions of your tweet and hence it does increase website traffic too.
trending related hashtags


Follow Related People

Many people still believe in the rule of “follow back”. If someone follows them, they will follow that person back. Hence, you should follow people or twitter profiles related to your website’s niche. There are high chances that they may not only follow you back but may also include your twitter profile in their lists.


Engage in Conversation

Tweeting often is good but what about actively tweeting and participating in a conversation? You should try participating in any related twitter conversation so that your profile visibility will improve and you will definitely attract new followers.


Submit to Twitter Directories

Twitter directories generally categorize tweets and twitter profiles according to niche or any other specific category. You can list your twitter profiles on twitter directories such as Twellow, WeFollow, Twibs etc. to increase your twitter followers and visibility of your tweets. They are completely safe and there is no harm is listing your twitter profiles in these directories.
twitter directories

Twitter is a great source of website traffic and if you can combine and use the above methods effectively, you can definitely bring some good traffic to your website.

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